7th to 9th November 2018 - Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium - Port Elizabeth - South Africa

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  • Made annually at the African Advanced Manufacturing and Composites Show
  • Evening of 1st day (7 November)
  • 300 delegates
  • Opportunity for sponsor to share brand and key messages with AM sector


  • Identify promote and reward innovation in the advanced manufacturing and composites industry.
  • Popularise Advanced Manufacturing in industry and to learners.
  • Showcase South Africa’s capabilities in AM and innovation (media)


  • 3D printing and related production,  robotics, automation and AI, laser cutting and etching, CNC machining,
  • materials of the future, application of industry 4.0,software, big data, IOT etc, Composites

Tickets to attend the Industry Awards/Gala Dinner is R 750.00


Gold and Silver Awards for:

  • Scholarly impact in advanced manufacturing,
  • Industry advancement in advanced manufacturing,
  • Export proficiency in AM
  • Award that acknowledges import replacement.
  • Composites floating trophy for displaying innovation
  • Additive manufacturing floating trophy for displaying innovation
  • Subtractive manufacturing floating trophy for displaying innovation
  • Most promising “start- up or newcomer” awards.

It is noted that between 5 and 10 companies could stand the chance of being selected for an all expenses paid trip to represent South Africa at the JEC World 2019 event in Paris. The sponsorship is made available by the dti. It is hoped that some of our “newcomers” will then be acknowledged by winning similar awards at the international show.


Show related awards:

  • Best student paper / presentation (Gold and Silver)
  • Best industry paper / presentation (Gold and Silver)
  • Best outdoor (including water) exhibit (Gold, Silver and Bronze)
  • Best indoor exhibit (Gold, Silver and Bronze)



  • An Advisory Panel will soon stipulate awards criteria and appoint judges.
  • Call for proposals/nominations to close end September. Nominations have not yet opened.
  • Judges evaluate during October.
  • Two processes are run; one which is adjudicated before the show (most awards), and the other (show related awards) adjudicated on site at the show (such as the stands, exhibits, posters).
  • Advisory Panel members: Prof Mervyn Kanny – DUT, Nkuli Shinga – the dti, Martin Sanne – CSIR, Reshleu Rampershad – TIA, Andrew Young – NMU, Andy Radford – Composites Cluster, Andrew Binning – Inkanyezi Events.

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